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Gourmet Garden Cooking Lesson @ The Sydney good food and wine show 2010

18 Jul

I had an awesome day at the Good Food and Wine show on Friday. I’ve been to a few shows now but this was the first time I also participated in a cooking lesson. I am definitely going to do a cooking lesson every year. It was such good value and so much fun. For $50 we learnt how to cook 4 different dishes in groups of four. We then got to eat our delicious meal with a complimentary glass of sauvignon blanc and were given the recipe cards and 4 tubes of gourmet garden herbs in a cute little cooler bag. FDB!


The ingredients for each dish were chopped and laid out on the cooking benches and we had 2 ‘apprentices’ to help us out.

Our menu was Italian style breakfast tort, Greek chicken casserole, Fisherman’s pie & Aromatic steamed fish with warm Asian salad. All incredibly easy, very tasty and I will be making them again very soon.


I usually use fresh or ground herbs so using these herb and spice blends from tubes was a new experience for me. They made the cooking very fast and easy but this may have been because all the other ingredients were also already measured, chopped and ready to go.


The Italian style breakfast tort. We only put the prosciutto on half the tort.


The recipe card for the breakfast tort.

Most of the ingredients (minus the chicken) for the Greek chicken casserole.

The Greek chicken casserole.


The recipe card for the Greek chicken casserole.


Fisherman’s pie before the bread crumb/ cheese mixture was added.


Fisherman’s pie before baking.

Fisherman’s pie. Yum! This was my favourite out of all 4 dishes but probably the least healthiest.

Mmmm showing the yummy inner goodness.

The recipe card for the Fisherman’s pie.

Fish covered in marinade in the bamboo steamer.

Fish and Vege’s in the bamboo steamer. I only have the small steamer baskets at home so I need to go into Chinatown to get some big ones like this.  

Aromatic steamed fish with warm Asian salad. 

The recipe card for the Aromatic steamed fish with warm Asian salad.

A day at the good food and wine show would not be complete without ‘showbags’. I tried not to go too crazy this year and I think I did pretty well. I think the Good Food and wine show is the Easter Show for adults. I get so excited like a little kid and then when I get home I lay out all my purchases on the coffee table, take photos and smile coz I am in foodie heaven. Some people may think this is weird but it’s all part of the experience.

My first purchase was this sample of products from Always Fresh for $10 all coming in a handy carry bag.  The only product I’ve tried so far is the beetroot relish and it is really nice.


Another showbag for $10. I got to choose 4 Ayam products out of a big selection. It was a tough choice but I had to have another jar of sago. It is such a nice, tasty, quick dessert when added to some cold coconut milk. I was impressed when I opened the bag at home to discover the free bowls, spoons and chopsticks. The spoons are those special laksa spoons. Can’t wait to use them.

I was initially only going to buy the dark chocolate coated honeycomb from the treat factory but they had a show special of 5 choices for $20. How could I refuse? BRW has already eaten the Vienna almonds. I tried to have some of the chocolate coated honeycomb but it was all one block so it took a lot of effort to break chunks off.

These are the gourmet garden tubes I got with my cooking lesson. The other ladies in our cooking group said we would get all the ones we used in our lesson so I was a bit disappointed when I opened the little cooler bag at home. At least we got to keep the apron too.

The Good Taste showbag is always full of surprises. They were $10 each or 2 for $15 with the Super Food Ideas bag so GR and I only paid $7.50 each. Some of the stuff is totally useless, like the cat and dog food but most of it we will use.

My impulse buy of the day were these 2 bottles of Moscato for $20. So light and refreshing. Perfect for a summer’s day, althought I don’t think they will last that long.

Overall another absolutely fantastic day even though I was so exhausted by the end of it. I’ve got some new products to try and some new recipes to make again. Can’t wait until next year.


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